Buying a Barge

Thoughts on Buying a Barge

Barges come in a wide variety of sizes and condition. They can be had from $20,000 to $250,000 and up. Most of these are built at the turn of the century and converted, either fully or partially, from cargo into living quarters. Rarely done professionally, each barge will reflect the budget and taste of the owners who converted them. The largest selection is in the Netherlands, where there are a number of brokers who specialize in barges (although many brokers may list an occasional barge).

We help by providing advice based on our two decades of barging. When we know the type of cruising you would like to do, how many will be aboard, and what budget you have in mind, we provide counsel on the type of vessel to consider and brokers who may have listings appropriate to your needs. We are available for general guidance as you go through the process and narrow your search to your top candidate boats, then undergo the survey and negotiation.

Our consulting fee is $600 total (you read right... that's not per hour. It's total for up to 10 emails or telephone calls.)

A wonderful new adventure awaits those who can translate dreams into doing!